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How do I Clean my bath after Superior Bath Repair have Re-enameled it?

Once you have finished the Enamelling process on your bath it will be really easy to clean. You should use and liquid bathroom cleaner on it with a soft sponge.

What is the Superior Bath Repair Guarantee?

Here at Superior Bath Repair we use only the best materials and techniques. Thats why unlike other competitors we can give you a one year guarantee on all the work we do.

If I chip my bath do you have to do the whole bath again or can you repair the chip?

Normally we can just repair the chip in a bath. It does depend on the size of the chip and how badly it is damaged but no matter what we can repair it.

Does the process affect my tiles, walls and plumbing?

We do not mess with the plumbing and mask up all walls and tiles so that they are not affected.

How long should I allow for the process to take?

Each bath is unique in its own way. The whole process from arrival to departure normally takes around 4-6 hours.

When can I use my nice new shiny bath?

You can use the bath 24 hours after we leave. If you can leave it 48 hours its better.

What should I do to get my bathroom ready for your arrival?

Please take out all the loose items in the bathroom and we will do the rest.

I have an old brown bath or a coloured bath can you make it white?

We do coloured baths to white all the time. Its easy for us to make your bath look brand new and white.

I need the tiler to come in and do some work, when should he?

Its best to get all the wall work and tilling done before we arrive. But please do not reseal the bath with silicon

I don’t like my taps and want to replace them

Its best it you get the taps taken off before we arrive so that the new surface can be applied to underneath the taps and then have the new taps put back on once we are done.

This all sounds very good but how much does it cost?

Every bath is different. We use only the best materials for Re-Enameling baths and thats why our baths last as long as they do. But we are very competitive on pricing and that why we are known for being one of the best Bath Re-enamelling companies in the UK.

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