Bath Resurfacing

Long Lasting Bath Resurfacing

Bath Resurfacing

We can resurface any type of bathtub

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Bath Resurfacing

Its cheaper than getting your bath replaced out
With bath resurfacing or bath re-enamelling we will have your bath looking brand new within a day

What we do on a Bath Re-Enamelling

  • Our team resurface ones tub at site. Tub re-surfacing is complete at ones house and this process normally takes 3-7 hours to complete the full tub re-surfacing procedure.
  • We would like you to have certainty and this is why we offer a 12 month warrenty as normal (conditions apply)
  • Time slots that will work for our customers. Superior Bath Repair offer our clients a booking with usually a 1.5 hour window.

Our Bath Reenameling Process

  • First, Our team look at your tub for dents. Any damaged sealent is gotten rid of. Then, Our team extensively clean the tub before re-surfacing. Our team sort out all damage including any rust, chip repair, etc. Whilst our technicains wait for this to dry, our cuygs cover over all the items in the room.
  • Once all masked up and the tub is now ready for the brand new resurface, Our team will then apply the special SBR bonding agent. After this, we apply the new enamel with a specialized very hot spray gun, that is tailored for house use.
  • After this your tub now needs to dry, whilst the new surface sets.
    Once dry we then (free of charge) Flat and polish the bath so you end up with a shiny, smooth easy to clean surface. Then we take off all masking and protection. Your new shiny re-enamelled bath is ready to use


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Why get your Bath Resurfaced with us?

Bath Re-Enamelling
Bath Reenameling
Bath Re-Coating

About Bath Resurfacing and Bath Re Enamelling

Why have your Bath Resurfaced?

Over the years your bath surface becomes dull and porous due to severe abrasive cleaners. Your bath loses it deep shine it once had and becomes a nightmare to clean. By using our bath resurfacing procedure we can have your bath looking new again and it will cost a fraction of the price of replacement.

Can my bath be resurfaced?

All our technicans are fully trained to resurface and re enameling all types of bath and surfaces. The main types of baths we resurface are: cast iron, enamel, arylic and fibreglass. We provide bath resurfacing and repair services for all types of bathtubs including: enamel, acrylic, cast iron and fibreglass. We can take any type of bathtub and make it look new again normally within a day.

How long will my tub be out of action?

As mentioned above it takes a day to resurface a bath. Each bath is different and its subject to survey but once we leave your, your bathroom will be tidy and ready to use. We normally recommend leaving the bath 24 hours before using it.

Can you resurface the external part of my bath?

We can also resurface the outside of your tub to make that look new again, in any colour you like. Whether you want bright pink or navy blue, we can do it.

Benefits of Bath Resurfacing

There are lots of benefits to bath resurfacing, the main ones being that it saves money on replacing the bath. With no plumber or tiler costs. There is not a lot of downtime so you can start using your tub quicker than if you were changing the whole bathroom. And no mess. To list a few.

The Professional Bath Repair Procedure:

• First, We inspect the bath for damage. Any damaged silicon is gotten rid of. Next, we extensively clean the tub before re-coating.

• We deal with any damage including rust, chip repair, etc. Whilst we wait for this to dry we cover up all the items in the bathroom.

• Once all masked up and the tub is ready for the new surface, we then apply the special Superior Bath Repair bonding agent.

• Then, we apply the new enamel with a specialized very hot spray gun, that is tailored for household use.

• Then your bath now needs to dry, whilst the new surface sets.

• Once dry we then (free of charge) Flat and polish the bathtub so you end up with a shiny, smooth easy to clean surface. Then we take off all masking and protection

• Your new shiny re enamelled bath is ready to use.

Bath Resurfacing Materials

Superior Bath Repair uses specially designed materials that are used in the bath resurfacing procedure. This can be used on acrylic, enamel and cast iron baths. With our years of experience in bath re-enamelling, we can resurface and repair just about any bathtub. This will bring it back to life with a tough high gloss finish.

Over the years there will undoubtedly be damage to any surface if its in constant contact with water. Staining and limescale build-up play a huge part in erosion. Accidental damage to a suite is also a factor for bathroom restoration, chips and scratches can be easily fixed before reenameling takes place and we include in our price to resurface the bath.

For any questions on bath repairs please visit our Bath Repair page.

Testimonials about our Bath Resurfacing Services

Our bath had two small damaged patches which needed to be filled professionally to ensure there were no leaks and Nick was recommended to us by a plumber who has seen his work. Nick Croft is very friendly and polite and he carefully explained to us how he would do the repair. He clearly takes pride in his work and enthusiastically showed us what he had achieved. We were delighted with the superbly finished result, an excellent job. We wholeheartedly recommend Nick.
Bath Resurfacing Service
I had a large chip in the bath and scratches in the sink, Terry did a wonderful job re-enamelling both. They both look like new and feel silky smooth. Would highly recommend
Bath Re-Enamelling Service
Superior Bath Repair are amazing. They are very honest, forthright, do what they say they will do and seemingly do not stop short of perfection once on the job. I am very happy with the enamel replacement repair they did for me earlier this month and would have no reservations against using them again or recommending them to others and there are honestly not many vendors or subcontractors that I can say this about. Well done Superior Bath Repair, please do not let your standards drop.
Bath Reenameling Service