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Bath Repair  | Bath Chip Repair
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Anti-Slip Application

We got a lot of calls from our clients asking us if we did an anti-slip solution for there baths. We went away and formulated SlipTech.

SlipTech. is our unique anti-slip solution. Some people use bath matts or towels in hotels and at home to stop the bath from being so slippery. They both do the job but look unattractive and can be forgotten and quickly leave limescale build up in the bath if left in and can mould over time.

We wanted to create the perfect anti-slip solution for baths; effective, low cost, long lasting and practical, whether applied in the home or in a business environment like a hotel. We wanted to offer our clients an effective anti-slip solution that works well and looks nice.

Our SlipTech. solution is permanently fixed to the bath enamel, looks nice and provides considerable friction against human feet covered in water, shower gels or bath oils.

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Testimonials about our Services

Our bath had two small damaged patches which needed to be filled professionally to ensure there were no leaks and Nick was recommended to us by a plumber who has seen his work. Nick Croft is very friendly and polite and he carefully explained to us how he would do the repair. He clearly takes pride in his work and enthusiastically showed us what he had achieved. We were delighted with the superbly finished result, an excellent job. We wholeheartedly recommend Nick.
Bath Repair Service
I had a large chip in the bath and scratches in the sink, Terry did a wonderful job re-enamelling both. They both look like new and feel silky smooth. Would highly recommend
Shower Tray Repair Service
Superior Bath Repair are amazing. They are very honest, forthright, do what they say they will do and seemingly do not stop short of perfection once on the job. I am very happy with the enamel replacement repair they did for me earlier this month and would have no reservations against using them again or recommending them to others and there are honestly not many vendors or subcontractors that I can say this about. Well done Superior Bath Repair, please do not let your standards drop.
Chip Repair Service
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