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We can restore most damage to baths, shower trays and other surfaces.

What's included on a bath repair

  • We match the colour of your shower tray onsite. Our technicians are fully trained to match the tone of your item at your house and do not use pre-made paints which are not correct for your own repair.
  • We want you to have certainty and thats why Superior Bath Repair offer a 1 year guarantee as normal (conditions apply)
  • Time slots that work for our customers. Our team offer you a booking with usually a 60 minute time frame.

Superior Bath Repairs' Process

  • First our experts evaluate the nicked area as we would like to see the greatest way to mend the surface. After that the technician use our exclusively made-up bonding agent to get the surface area all set for the brand-new restoration service. So you are going to get the greatest lasting repair work.
  • After that the technician fill over as well as sand down the wrecked location as well as allow the filler to harden. Seeing to it its the very same curve as the remainder of the bathtub.
  • Our experts at that point simply by eye colour match your sink or even surface area to get the greatest colour for the room as well as condtions.
    Lastly we bond once again as well as spray your brand-new surface area on, leaving you with a soft bright appearance that blends in along with the remainder of the bathtub.


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Why get your Bath Repair with our us?

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Bath Repair

About Bath Repairs

If your bath is in good condition but you have a small area of damage a bathtub repair would be the solution for you. Rather than resurfacing the whole bath we can do a patch job on the area of damage. This is a much more time and cost effective way of fixing the damage in your bath.

A bath repair is the best option if your bath is in good condition and you have a small area of damage like a chip or two or some scratches. If the surface of your bath is dull and dirt is sticking to it then we may have to recommend resurfacing your bath as a mended patch will look new and shiny, and overtime this will stand out from the rest of the surface of the tub as the overall surface deteriorates further. When we resurface your bath the technicians will do any fixes needed on chips, scratches, etc as the first step of the procedure. The price to resurface a bath usually includes the cost to carry out any repairs needed. A patch on small areas of damage works best on baths that have a good overall surface and look new and shiny.

When a technician mends your bath they will first fill the damage and then apply a special bonder to make sure the compound adheres to the surface fully. The technician will then make up a special enamel paint by colour-matching by eye to your existing tub and will then spray this on with a small spray gun so it will blend in as seamlessly as possible with the rest of the bath.

Our bath repairs are done to a very high standard so that you will not be able to notice the area mended while using the bath normally. If you were to look at the finished treatment very closely while shining a light on it you may be able to see something, so for this reason we can not say that the repair will be 100% invisible from all angles. If you are looking for complete invisibilty and perfection of the surface then having the whole bath resurfaced would be the best option for you.

We have been successfully doing bathtub repairs for private customers, contractors and major site managers for many years. Our technicians are all experts at bath repairs. If you are a contractor and you need a bath repair carried out without a customer finding out we usually recommend being honest with the customer about any damage caused. We will be happy to help with any repair that is needed and can even speak to the customer for you to answer any questions they may have. Our bath repairs are done to such a high standard that our customers are very happy with the result. Our technicians will be happy to speak to customers to go over any questions they may have about the job that needs to be done and will be able to reassure them that a bath repair is the right way to fix the damage to their bath.

The Professional Bath Repair Procedure:

To carry out a Bath Repair we follow this procedure:

You send in pictures to us of the damage. The technician will view the pictures and give you a quote to repair based off of the pictures.

A high quality adhesive is applied to the damaged area which will make the new enamel adhere fully.

This high quality adhesive is left to dry and harden.

The technician will now create a perfectly colour-matched enamel paint that blends into the surface of your bath.

The colour-matched enamel will be sprayed on using a small spray gun to fully blend the mended section into the rest of the bath.

The patch now needs to be left for 24 hours so the new enamel paint can fully cure.

The technician will go over with you the best cleaning products and procedures to use so you get the most longevity out of your bath repair.

How long will it take to fix the bathtub?

The Bath Repair should take around an hour to complete. Some repairs may be slightly quicker and some repairs may take longer depending on the extent of the damage.

How will the repaired area look?

One of the most important steps in a successful bath repair job is colour matching to your existing bathtub. Even though your bath may be white, there are many different shades of white! Over time the white of your bathtub may discolour and also depending on what materials are used by the manufacturers your tub may not be the shade of white it was when it was first made. Also the lighting in your bathroom could affect the shade of white of your tub. This is why our technicians will always take the time to create your very own shade of white by colour matching by eye instead of using a standard white to do a bath patch-up.

Some people attempt to do their own patch-ups with a DIY repair kit. The problem with these is that they only give one or two shades of white to be used, which is usually not good enough to achieve a perfect colour match. Our technicians have special palettes of tinters and different shades of white they use to create a perfect match for your tub. The bonder that is supplied with these DIY kits is very weak so the restoration will not last for as long as a professional bath repair would. Our technicians use an incredible strong bonder that is the best available product on the market. We do not spare any expenses on the materials we use for your bath to make sure your refurbishment is as high-quality as possible.

When the technician is satisfied with the shade of white he has created for your bathtub he will spray this on with a special small spray gun so it blends in seamlessly. The technician will then polish over the patched area so it is nice and smooth and shiny.

The procedure for mending a bath can also be used to repair sinks, shower trays, basins, kitchen sink, etc.

If you have a crack in your acylic bath and there is motion in the bath around the crack we may not be able to take on your job as there will likely be structural damage. What this means is that the crack may come back when pressure is put on the tub again.

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Is it worth having a Bath Repaired or should I replace my acrylic bath?

Depending on the type of damage it is almost always more cost-effective to have a bathtub mended instead of replacing the tub. Acrylic baths are not too expensive but you also have to factor in the cost of a plumber to remove the old bath and fit the new hottub. Damage may be caused to your bathroom during the removal and installation of your new bath which will cost more money and time to fix. It can end up being more hassle to buy a new bath rather than having your tub fixed which will take around an hour and no mess or destruction will be created whilst the technician does your acylic bath repair.

Sometimes the damage may be too extensive to consider repairing, or it may be a structural problem that has caused the damage in which case the technician may feel it would be best for you to put your money towards replacing the bath. If this is the case we will always be honest with you about what the best course of action for you is.

Our technicians can do all types of bath repair. This includes:

Chip repairs

Scratch repairs

Crack repairs

Rust damage repair


Limescale damage

For any questions on Bath Resurfacing please visit our Bath Resurfacing page.

Testimonials about our Bath Repair Services

Our bath had two small damaged patches which needed to be filled professionally to ensure there were no leaks and Nick was recommended to us by a plumber who has seen his work. Nick Croft is very friendly and polite and he carefully explained to us how he would do the repair. He clearly takes pride in his work and enthusiastically showed us what he had achieved. We were delighted with the superbly finished result, an excellent job. We wholeheartedly recommend Nick.
Mr G - London
I had a large chip in the bath and scratches in the sink, Terry did a wonderful job re-enamelling both. They both look like new and feel silky smooth. Would highly recommend
Mrs. S - Surrey
Superior Bath Repair are amazing. They are very honest, forthright, do what they say they will do and seemingly do not stop short of perfection once on the job. I am very happy with the enamel replacement repair they did for me earlier this month and would have no reservations against using them again or recommending them to others and there are honestly not many vendors or subcontractors that I can say this about. Well done Superior Bath Repair, please do not let your standards drop.
Mr & Mrs C - Kent