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Your resurfacing options in Knebworth

We have got the the best service for you. Hertfordshire's top-rated Bath Repair company

Bath Repair & Bathtub Restoration in Knebworth

Our team can restore most damage to bathtubs and any other hard surface.
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What's included on a repair

  • We match the colour of your bath onsite. Our guys are trained to colour match the tint of your item at your house and would not use use pre-made tints which aren't tright for your repair.
  • Our team would like you to have peace of mind and this is why Superior Bath Repair offer a 12 month warrenty as standard (conditions apply)
  • Time slots that work for you. Our team give you a slot with normally a 60 minute time frame.

Superior Bath Repairs Repair Process

  • Initially our experts assess the nicked area as the technicain want to see the greatest technique to fix the item. After that our experts make the most of our specifically made-up bonding agent to have the surface prepared for the brand new repair. So you will get the greatest lasting repair.
  • At that point our team fill as well as sand down the wrecked area and let that to solidify. Seeing to it it is the same shape as the rest of the shower.
  • Our technician at that point simply by eye colour match your bathtub or even surface area to get the most effective colour for the area as well as condtions.
    Lastly our experts bond once again as well as spray your brand new surface on, leaving you with a soft shiny finish that blends in with the rest of the bathroom.


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Sink and Bath Chip Repair Knebworth

Bath Re-Enamelling in Knebworth

Cheaper than having the metal bath replaced
With bath resurfacing or bath re-enamelling we will have your bath looking brand new within a day

What's included

  • Our technicains resurface ones bath at site. Tub re-surfacing is done at ones house and this process usually takes 4-6 hours to complete the full bathtub resurfacing procedure.
  • Our team would like our clients to have certainty and thats why Superior Bath Repair offer a 1 year warrenty as normal (conditions apply)
  • Time slots that work for you. Superior Bath Repair give you a slot with normally a 60 minute time frame.

Superior Bath Repairs Repair Process

  • At first, Our team inspect the bathtub for chips. Any the silicon is gotten rid of. Then, Our team extensively clean the bathtub before reenamelling. Our technicains sort out any damage including any rust, chips, etc. Whilst we wait for this to cure, we cover up all the areas in the bathroom.
  • Once all covered up and the bathtub is now ready for the new resurface, We will then apply the special SBR bonding agent. After this, we put on the brand new enamel with a specialized very heat spray machine, that is tailored for household use.
  • After this your tub now needs to cure, whilst the new enamel sets.
    Once dry we then (free of charge) Flat and polish the bath so you end up with a shiny, smooth easy to clean surface. Then we take off all masking and protection. Your new shiny re-enamelled bath is ready to use


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Sink and Bath Re-Surfacing Knebworth

Hard Surface Repairs in Knebworth

Mend instead of replace. Any hard surface, whether inside or out, can be reconditioned by Superior Bath Repair’s skilled and competent specialists. We are aware that your time is precious and so our experts are able to perform a high standard renovation, saving you the money, time and attention it would cost to replace the piece.

Our Hard Surface Repairs

  • We offer a professional repair service at a small fraction of the fee of getting a new one - no matter of the cause of damage. All kinds of damage, which includes nicks, scuff marks, burn marks, chips, or regular deterioration, can be remedied professionally.
  • Our qualified professionals are capable of creating a repair that is not easy to see. Our specialists can mend varying surfaces to a very high standard. We are able to repair all types of hard surfaces like fiberglass, porcelain, timber, marble, natural stone and granite.

Our Restoration Technique:

  • Superior Bath Repair can restore every surface to its original condition. We can repair all types of damage including impact, discoloration, contamination, burning, vandalism, or accidental damage during construction.
  • Compared to replacement, we can perform a superior repair for a fraction of the time and cost - which is beneficial to you and the environment.


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Hard Surface Repair Knebworth

Why get your steel bath repair with us?

Relied on Professionals

All of our technicans are fully proficiented in repair work and sink re-enamelling. Our team are a family members run company and see to it that all our clients are truly looked after.

Reputable & Highly regarded

Call our team for some absolutely free suggestions on any type of repairs you might have. Our company appreciate aiding consumers out and also giving the most ideal suggestions for you.

Fixed price repairs

Our costs consist of all parts as well as time (conditions apply) and also are backed by an one year warranty.

Our Services

Bath Enamel Re-Enamelling Knebworth

Superior Bath Repair Knebworth is among the South Easts trusted tub repair and bath re-enamelling firms. Bath Repair Knebworth offers it’s services through the entire of Knebworth. Regardless of where you lives around Knebworth, our specialists can supply clients with solutions that not only save you time and also money, but likewise ensure an fantastic consumer experience.

Our Staff employs exclusively top of the line tub restoration methods. Our Own Knebworth Bath Tub restoration professionals are amazingly devoted, qualified and thoroughly competent in tub repairs, sink repairs, nick repairs, shower tray repairs plus certainly bathtub re enameling.

Enamel Restoration Knebworth - Sink Crack Resurfacing Knebworth Shower Tray Chip Resurfacing Knebworth - UPVC Repair Knebworth Enamel Repair Knebworth - Shower Tray Scratch Resurfacing Knebworth
Bathtub Repair Knebworth

Every Single Chip restoration around Knebworth our staff carry out is individually prepaired on site. There are no set tones. Almost All bathtub restoration, basin repair, shower repair and kitchen repairs are personalized. We have the experience to complement them flawlessly. Our Staff can normally correct just about any bath tub or sink no hassle, it doesn't matter what colour it is, this doesn't necessarily ought to be grey. Undetectable scratch repair is a great technique. Everything we do and which requires a very effective eyesight and lots of experience.

Our Staff a lot of bath repairs as well as scratch repairs near Knebworth for construction companies, bathroom firms plus private households. Our Company are definitely happy to undergo on just about all obstacle.
Our Own clients are always very amazed together with the high quality of our work and just how our team is able to make damaged segments go away

Enamel Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Furniture Restoration Knebworth Bath Restoration Knebworth - Quartz Resurfacing Knebworth Shower Tray Restoration Knebworth - Quartz Worktop Resurfacing Knebworth Shower Tray Chip Re-Enamelling Knebworth - UPVC Resurfacing Knebworth
Basin Repair Knebworth

We do numerous sink repairs around Knebworth. The Following is a particular sample of a sink repair our team achieved for a customer following years of mistreatment. Our Staff had to completely re-enamel the whole basin in this instance as it would never be done being a nick repair.

Crack Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Quartz Worktop Re-Enamelling Knebworth Bathtub Restoration Knebworth - Granite Worktop Resurfacing Knebworth Cast Iron Bath Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Shower Tray Scratch Repair Knebworth Enamel Resurfacing Knebworth - Sink Crack Restoration Knebworth
Scratch Restoration

Every Single scratch repair around Knebworth we carry out is hand prepaired on location. You will find no set tones. Most bath tub repair, basin repair,shower tray repair and kitchen repairs have always been individual. Our Team have the expertise to match up them correctly.

Acrylic Resurfacing Knebworth - Scratch Re-Enamelling Knebworth Acrylic Repair Knebworth - Marble Repair Knebworth Crack Restoration Knebworth - Sink Repair Knebworth Acrylic Bath Resurfacing Knebworth - UPVC Restoration Knebworth
Shower Tray Crack Repair Knebworth

Our company are actually specialists in shower tray repair services on plastic, cast iron, resin and stainless steel trays. If you have a mini crevice, a chip, scrapes or a notch then our team can address this issue on your shower tray. We are able to deal with mostly all the issues that a shower tray may go through. Our experts can generally take care of the scratches, chips and gaps on the trays without issue. Sometimes nevertheless the shower tray can be thus badly broken that you're far better off acquiring a brand new shower tray.

Crack Repair Knebworth - Porcelain Sink Re-Enamelling Knebworth Cast Iron Bath Repair Knebworth - Quartz Repair Knebworth Bath Crack Repair Knebworth - Worktop Resurfacing Knebworth Acrylic Restoration Knebworth - Quartz Worktop Repair Knebworth
Worktop Restoration Knebworth

Work Tops and/or countertops become subject to injuries. Wood chips, blemishes, scores and also burn marks tend to be ordinary problems, ruining the appearance of the item. Our many experts are definitely expert with rebuilding work tops and counter surfaces to a great earlier state utilizing creative repair techniques.

Crack Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Furniture Re-Enamelling Knebworth Chip Resurfacing Knebworth - Shower Tray Scratch Restoration Knebworth Bath Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Quartz Worktop Re-Enamelling Knebworth Acrylic Restoration Knebworth - Ceramic Sink Repair Knebworth
Hard Surface Restoration Knebworth

Scratches, dents, cracks, spots and scuff spots, even merely worn out surface areas, can be made great or even revitalized by our fully trained service technicians and they can even resurface items in a various colour to the initial, providing a clean make over to old coating systems. Whether the trigger is actually influence, staining, poisoning, burning, criminal damage or unexpected harm in development or installation, our experts may create any type of surface appeal comparable to new. Versus replacement, our team can do the do work in less time, as well as at less cost, helping both you and the environment.

Bath Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Sink Resurfacing Knebworth Bathtub Resurfacing Knebworth - Porcelain Repair Knebworth Bathtub Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Sink Re-Enamelling Knebworth Acrylic Bath Re-Enamelling Knebworth - Furniture Repair Knebworth

Testimonials about our Shower Tray Chip Repair Knebworth

Our repair service was for a chipped cast iron bath tub. The specialist Nick was really very polite and also considerate. I was priced quote before Nick coming to see us by sending out photos of the damage. A job well done and also described what the procedure was. Stuck to to covid safety measures. I would advise them. Extremely specialist as well as 1 year service warranty.
Acrylic Re-Enamelling Knebworth
My wife sent a message on a Friday as broke my steel bathtub and got a prompt action from Hannah. Send out a couple of photos, received an instant quote and also Terry was scheduled in the following day in Knebworth. He got here in a timely manner and was really neat. He did a fantastic job. Thank you a lot.
Shower Tray Resurfacing Knebworth
Your group offered a wonderful service, were able to accommodate the work in right away, work was carried out to very high standard by a pleasant, punctual tradesman. Andy did our work and he was wonderful, would recommend to anybody thinking about fixing broken enamel baths in Knebworth.
Bath Repair Knebworth