Bath Re Enamelling

Is the surface of your bath tired, dull, and difficult to clean? Are you looking for an affordable solution to restore your bath to its former glory? With bath re-enamelling we can restore the surface of your bath to look new again.

Bath Re-Enamelling is a procedure that can be done to a bath in-situ. This means that the bath can be re-enamelled in your own home without needing to remove the bath. This makes it a very cost-effective solution to achieving a new surface on your bath.

Bath Re Enamelling | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel

Bath Re Enamelling Specialists

Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel

About Bath Re Enamelling

– Bath Re Enamelling

Bath Enamelling is a procedure whereby your bath needs to be fully un-installed and taken away to a special warehouse with a furnace. The bath will be sandblasted and then a new enamel surface (liquid glass) will be melted onto the bath in a hot furnace and baked on. This is a traditional enamelling procedure. It is also known as Vitrous Enamelling. There are not many companies that can offer this procedure nowadays as there is a lot of disruption involved and the equipment needed to do this is very specialised.

We can offer Bath Re-Enamelling in-situ in your own home. If you would like to have a new surface on your bath we can transform the surface to a shiny, smooth, bright white and easy-to-clean surface.

As Bath Re-Enamelling can be done in your own home you do not need to have the taps, waste, or overflow removed for the technician to carry out the work.

The whole procedure takes about 5-7 hours to do a bath re-enamelling on a standard bath. This means that you will be able to use your bath again the next day in the afternoon. Compared to replacing the bath for a new one or sending the bath off to be enamelled there is minimal hassle created by choosing to have the bath re-enamelling done in-situ.

The technician will mask up your bathroom when he arrives so the rest of the surfaces are protected during the work. When the technician has finished the bath re-enamelling you will be able to use the other items in the bathroom again. As long as you do not touch the bath for 24 hours after he has finished re-enamelling it you can use the rest of the bathroom as normal.

The technician will apply a bead of silicon around the bath when he finishes the bath re-enamelling so you do not have to worry about re-applying silicon, etc.

As you do not need to remove the taps, waste or overflow, you do not have to worry about getting a plumber in to disconnect everything and reconnect it all when the bath is finished.

We use the best materials available on the market. The finish of our bath re-enamelling is a very high-quality, durable finish. The new surface will be easy to clean and will look shiny and new. Our technicians will go over with you the best cleaning products and methods to use to get the most longevity out of your bath re-enamelling.

Sometimes a bath will have been badly damaged by harsh chemicals over time. This could appear like lines running down the bath or along the base of the bath. This damage may be so extensive that the character of the bath will have been altered and some of these imperfections may still be visible after a bath re-enamelling. If you are concerned about this or worried that this may apply to your bath please let us know with us much information as possible so we can give you our expert advice regarding your bath re-enamelling. A similar phenomenon can occur if your bath has been subjected to puddling where water does not drain away fully after each use.

Where this is the case we can still do your bath re-enamelling, but it will take longer as the technician will need to repair all of the imperfections to the highest standard possible.

Bath Enamelling, or Vitrous Enamelling, is very disruptive as you will need to have the bath fittings disconnected and have the bath removed and transported to a facility with a large furnace capable of reaching temperatues of 800 degrees celsuis.

e do not deliver this service as we don't have the facilities to be able to offer this. Fortunately a great result can be achieved for a fraction of the price with bath re-enamelling.

When companies talk about bath re-enamelling and bath resurfacing they are most likely not referring to vitrous enamelling, but in-situ bath re-enamelling where the new surface is sprayed on in your own home.

The procedure for Bath Re-Enamelling is as follows:

To carry out a Bath Re Enamelling we follow this procedure:

First of all the technician will prepare your bathroom for the procedure. He will fully mask up all the surfaces in your bathroom so they are protected. He will then remove the old silicon from around the bath.

The technician will then chemically clean the bath. This will remove any oils, chemical residues, etc.

The technician will then apply a special bonder to the whole bath. This will ensure the new surface adheres fully to the bath. The bonder we use is the best available on the market and we do not spare any expense for this. As the bond created is so strong any damage that may be caused to the bath in future should remain localised, ensuring no water penetrates through the rest of the surface. This will mean that the damage will be simple to repair if it is done quickly.

Some companies will use a cheaper alternative bonder called Epoxy Resin. Unfortunately this product is prone to yellowing over time, and the finish is not as shiny as the product we use. Epoxy Resin is relatively cheap to buy but the inferior results it produces do not make it worth it. We do not use Epoxy Resin for any of our work.

Another method used by some companies is to use a harsh acid to etch the surface of the bath so the new enamel will adhere to the corroded surface - but this does not always give a consistent good result.

The next step is to spray on the new enamel surface with a hot spray gun. The technician will usually spray on 3-4 coats depending on what the bath needs. The technician uses his knowledge and experience to judge exactly how many coats the bath needs to achieve the correct thickness of the new surface.

For the final step our technicians will sand and polish the bath. This is an additional service we offer to ensure the bath re-enamelling is as smooth and shiny as possible. Some companies charge extra for this but we include this in our price. The technician will sand and polish the new surface so that it will be lovely and smooth.

The technician will then remove all the masking and will re-apply the silicon around the bath.

Your bath will then be ready to be used in 24 hours.

The method and materials we use are tried and tested to produce the best results possible for bath re-enamelling. Our technicians have been doing bath re-enamelling for many years so have a lot of experience in this field.

he bath re-enamelling procedure can also be used for basins, shower trays, kitchen sinks, etc.

We do bath re-enamelling all over London and the South East. Our technicians have been doing bath re-enamelling every day for years and years so they really do know their stuff when it comes to bath re-enamelling!

If there is any doubt as to whether we cover your area please give us a call on 07940337841.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to get your free quote for bath re-enamelling. We will be happy to help with any and all enquiries.

Please give us a call to discuss this on: 01342 349 937

Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel
Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel

Superior Bath Repair

Bath Re Enamelling Specialists

Our technicians can do all types of Bath Re Enamelling. This includes:

Chip repairs

Scratch repairs

Crack repairs

Rust damage repair


Limescale damage

For any questions on Bath Resurfacing please visit our Bath Resurfacing page.

Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel

Bath Re Enamelling Specialists

We just wanted to thank Superior Bath Re Enamelling for the excellent work they did on the crack we had in our bath. David was polite and left the bathroom in a tidy state. I would recommend them for Bath Re Enamelling. Our bath looks like new again. Thanks

Bath Enamel and Bath Re Enamelling

My bath looked new but there was a scratch on it, so instead of replacing, we decided to have a Bath Re Enamelling done and save the money. Great job.

Bath Re Enamelling - Acrylic Bath Re Enamelling

We just had our new bath installed and found a crack. We called for a Bath Re Enamelling and within a few days it was all fixed and you can't even tell. Would recommend.

Bath Re Enamelling - Bath Enamel Repair

Bath Re Enamelling

Bath Re Enamelling  | Bath Enamel

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