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Bath Resurfacing XXX

Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, cracked, lack luster or just simply outdated due to it’s terribly old fashioned colour? Out team here are Superior Bath Repair XXX can sort it out. Ripping a bath out and replacing it with a new one is a very expensive exercise and is completely inconvenient and unnecessary! Did you know that your tatty old bath can be resurfaced within a matter of hours whilst still in place? Superior Bath Repair specialize in professional bath resurfacing XXX.

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The new trend to renovating these days is not to replace, but to resurface, it’s timesaving and far less expensive and disruptive. It is also friendlier on the environment— instead of your old fixtures being dumped and ending up as land fill you can recycle them—giving them a new lease on life. Bath Resurfacing XXX is the way forward.

Re-enamelled Bath XXX - Bath Reenamelling Barnsley

Bath Resurfacng XXX Explained

Sometimes referred to as bath refinishing,  bath re-glazing, bath re-enameling, bath resurfacing is a method whereby the bath surface is prepared and resurfaced with an enamel coating in-situ. Bath resurfacing makes use of a durable enamel coating that is specifically formulated for the use on a bath.

Bath Resurfacing procedure:

  • Deciding on whether to replace or resurface. Assess your needs; your budget; your space; your service providers and your timeline requirements.
  • Decide you want to get your bath resurfaced. On deciding to save money and resurface rather than replace call in Superior Bath Repair XXX the experts for a free quote.
  • Our Sale manager will take a look at the picture supplied and get you the best quote to resuface your bath.
  • A date is selected for the project to be completed by and both parties agree on the set date of completion.
  • On said date our technician will arrive on the job ready to resurface your bath.
  • All the silicon is removed.
  • Next the surface to be refinished is thoroughly cleaned removing grease, soap, residues and other contaminates.
  • The surface is then etched this ensures bonding of the new surfacing to the product.
  • Holes, chips, cracks, nicks are repaired with a special filler.
  • The entire work area is prepared for spraying. This requires masking off the area and ensuring that any other surfaces are not damaged.
  • Then we apply a special bonding agent. While this is drying we prepare for the next stage of the job and ensure all our equipment is clean and prepped for a quality job. Three coats of top coat is sprayed onto the prepped surface ensuring a smooth, silky finish to the product.
  • After drying and curing your resurfaced bath product will have a whole newlease on life.

Bath Tub Re Enamel Barnsley - Bath Tub Re-enamel Barnsley

Customer Preparation

Before we arrive to re-enamel your bath, there are a few things you can do before our visit. Firstly the bathroom should be cleared of all your personal effects, i.e. bathroom toiletries weighing scales, shower curtains, rugs. Basically anything that can be removed out of the bathroom easily should be removed.

  • Please make sure if you have dripping taps that they are repaired prior to us arriving.
  • If you are replacing your taps waste and overflow please ensure that these items are removed before our arrival.  It is preferable for us to re enamel the bath with all the fittings off if you are changing them anyway.  We do however understand that this is not always possible if it is your only bathroom.
  • Please ensure that the fittings are not put on with silicone as this can affect our process especially if it is very fresh. If you have had to fit the new taps please use plumbers mate or an acrylic sealant instead of silicone.
  • Please ensure that if you are having tiling done the tiles are fitted down to the bath and the silicone seal is left off! If fresh sealant has been applied it is very difficult to remove when it is still fresh and this could result in extra cost.
  • If you are unsure of anything please don’t hesitate to contact use first we will be more than happy to advise you with any questions.

We are very thorough with our preparation, so anything in the bathroom that cannot be removed will be carefully covered up.

We provide dust sheets and all materials to cover up everything in the bathroom.

How to care for your resurfaced area:

  • In some areas water contains high levels of chemicals. This leads to staining of the surface. Dry the resurfaced area after use.
  • Poor drainage can trap water around the drain outlet. This can cause rust. Please keep your resurfaced area dry. Wipe down with a soft cloth after use.
  • If you drop a heavy item on your resurfaced area—like a hand held shower or a loose tap handle or any tools—it will chip the surface.
  • If you use a rubber mat in your bath—please remove it after bathing. If left, it will damage your bath.
  • Do not use hair dye’s, nail varnish remover in the resurfaced area. It will stain the area irrecoverably.
  • Do not leave hard soap or any soap for that matter on the resurfaced area. Colourants and additives in the soaps stain the resurfaced area.
  • Do not leave washing soaking in the bath. The detergent, when left to soak—damages the resurfaced area. Dye’s in your clothing may stain the resurfaced area.
  • Do not leave foreign objects—like bucket’s and basin’s in the bath. It may scratch the resurfaced area.
  • Repair dripping taps. The dripping water, if left will damage the resurfaced area.
  • The resurfaced area must be cleaned with a soft cloth and none abrasive cleaner such as dishwashing liquid.
  • Do not use an abrasive scourer or an abrasive cleaner.
  • Do not leave wet cloths, sponges or wet toys on the resurfaced area for an extended period.

Chip Repair XXXChip repair Barnsley - Bath Repair or Chip repair Barnsley

We have repaired a variety of different surfaces over the years. We can repair most surfaces around the household, not just baths, basins and shower trays etc.

If you have something that is damaged in your house, it’s worth giving us a call to see if we can repair it, especially if it is something that is difficult or expensive to replace. For example, there are lots of bespoke radiators that have many different finishes on them which are easily damaged or chipped.


Basin Repair XXXSink Repair Barnsley - Sink Chip Repair Barnsley

Our staff do alot of basin repairs around XXX. The Following is a particular sample of a basin repair our team achieved for a client following many years of mistreatment. Our Team were forced to completely re-enamel the complete basin within this instance as it could hardly be carried out being a chip repair. Bath Re Enameling Barnsley - Tub Repair and Tub Re Enameling Barnsley

Bath Resurfacing XXX – Bath Re Enamelling XXX

We are both very pleased with the repair to our bath. The colour match is excellent and neither of us can now see where the damage was. We would have no hesitation in recommending your firm in the future.

Bath Repair XX and Sink Repair XXX – Superior Bath Repair XXX

I am emailing to let you know how impressed I was with the work carried out by Superior Bath Repair XXX. The acrylic bath and basin look like new and are a credit to the care, quality and skill shown by Howard throughout the work. My sincere thanks for the great bathroom transformation. I would heartily recommend Superior Bath Repair XXX to anyone.

Bath Resurfacing XXX – Bath Crack Repair XXX

What a fantastic job! I am so pleased. Cannot believe the results. Thank you Niko for a truly professional job and such a polite young man.

Bath Resurfacing XXX – Superior Bath Repair XXX

Just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled we both are with the exceptional work that Niko has achieved in restoring our bath. He arrived on time, was very polite, professional and left our apartment in an immaculate state. The overall result was of a true artisan that in these days is hard to find. Thank you very much.

Sink Resurfacing XXX – Bath Repair XXX