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We are the original bath repair and bath re enameling company in Dover. We provide you with a high quality bath re enameling service, as well as excellent customer service. In the matter of bath tubs, no-one knows more then Superior Bath Repair. Our customers agree that we are one of the most recommended bath re enameling company in Dover.

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Superior Bath Repair employs exclusively top of the range bath repair techniques. Our Dover Bath repair team are remarkably committed, qualified and thoroughly competent in bath repairs, sink repairs, chip repairs, shower tray repairs and of course bath resurfacing.

Re-enamelled Bath Dover - Bath Reenamelling Dover

Bath Resurfacing Dover

Do you have a broken bath, scratched bath or damaged bath? Dont worry we can have one of our highly trained bath engineers round to sort the problem. Our Bath technicians can sort a wide range of problems with a bath from chip repairs to full bath re enameling.

About Bath Reglazing Dover

– Bath Reglazing DoverBath Reglazing is the process by which a porcelain bath are refinished to look like new. With Reglazing your worn out bathtubs and tile can be restored to their original luster right in place – in just a few hours – at a fraction of replacement cost.Over the years, thanks mainly to the use of harsh abrasive cleansers, your bathtub has probably lost its original look. In addition, the surface has actually become porous to the point where keeping it clean is very difficult if not impossible. Dirt and soap scum are caught and trapped in the roughened surface just like a sponge soaks up water.It Could Be your own bath tub has become the sorry victim of an individual which has actually dumped a quite heavy tool and cracked or ruined the enamel. Its Possible the bath may be seriously busted from neglect of drainpipe chemicals or any other products. It’s Possible That the bath continues to be significantly marked by a product It’s Possible That your own floor tiles tend to be demonstrating its old age and is cracking, changed colour and will never glimmer any more.Sink Enameling is able to cure every one of these types of difficulties. Superior Bath Repair staff is able to correct just about any nicked or ruined spots.Why Would You switch out the outdated bath tub or ceramic tile because the appearance is dull or the coating is broken down? With a small percentage of switching costs, Superior Bath Repair will render the tub appear like brand-new once again.Bath Tub Re Enamel Dover - Bath Tub Re-enamel Dover

Bath Tub Enameling Dover against Substitution

Utilizing typical substitution, the particular most significant difficulties are definitely involved with doing away with the outdated bath tub. During the process pieces of the shower room wall tile, wall surfaces and floor surface should be taken off. The outdated plumbing system is commonly in the completely wrong location to meet the newer bath tub, which means hiring in a plumber and decorator to fix these. As Well As the fee of the brand-new bath tub, wooden floor and plaster board, tiles, timber, woodworker, pipe fitter and tiler and it can be simple to understand how the expenses of swapping out a tub might go into countless of pounds – in addition to the filth, disturbance and inconvenience of having builders walk in and out your property for days on days or longer then a week. Ultimately, there certainly is the difficulty of maybe not being fit to make use of the own shower room for all the time this work is going on.Using Bath Tub Enameling your own old and shrivelled bathtub and wall tiles is able to be reconditioned to their unique original sheen in significantly less than a good working day. You are actually saved from the long procedure and bother of replacing. Individuals sometimes even correct the colour themes of your own bath tub and wall tiles.

Our Personal Specialized Bath Tub enamelling Technique:

• First Off, our staff inspect the bath for wear and tear. Just About Any ruined silicon is gotten rid of. After That, our team extensively cleanse the bath tub or basin.• Our Staff take care of any wear and tear particularly marks, dings, etc. At the same time our staff hold out for this particular system to become dry our staff cover off many of the goods inside the room to cover against any potential debris brought about from the spray procedure. A blower is placed in the opening to remove any kind of smells from the room.• Shortly After everything is prepared, our staff are equipped to get started on the system of re enameling. The initial four layers usually are a particular undercoat• Afterwards, our staff apply the brand-new enamel using a specialized very hot application tool, which in turn is tailored for house use

• Your Very Own bath tub at this point requires to stand, whilst the new enamel sets

• Take Off every bit of masking paper and protective covering

• Your Own bright new reenameled tub is at this point completely ready to fill up.

Crack Repair DoverChip repair Dover - Bath Repair or Chip repair Dover

Every Single crack repair near Dover our staff complete is individually prepaired on location. One can find no set colours. Every bath tub repair, basin repair,  shower repair and tile repairs happen to be personalized. Our Staff have the practical experience to match up them beautifully. Our Staff can generally correct just about any tub or basin no problem at all, no matter what type it is, this doesn’t always ought to be grey. Unnoticeable scratch repair is a great technique. Everything our staff carry out and which normally takes a incredibly effective eyesight and lots of knowledge.Our Staff do a lot of bath tub repairs and also scratch repairs near Dover for development firms, bathroom firms and also private homes. Our Staff are definitely happy to simply take on pretty much all problem.Each Of Our clientele are usually exceptionally satisfied together with the good quality of our very own services and the manner in which our staff is able to make strained spots disappear altogether.

Basin Repair DoverSink Repair Dover - Sink Chip Repair Dover

Superior Bath Repair do alot of basin repairs near Dover. The Following is a great illustration of a basin repair our staff performed for a client following a very long time of mistreatment. Our Staff was forced to totally re-enamel the full basin in this particular instance as it would not want to be performed being a chip repair. Bath Re Enamelling Dover - Bath Repair and Bath Re Enamelling Dover

Tub Re Enamelling and Shower repair Dover – Bathtub Re Enamelling and Chip repair Dover

We were looking for a expert Bath Re Enamelling team in Dover and luckily we found Superior Bath Repair Dover. After booking a technician to come out and repair our destroyed sink, we were shocked when he said he was finished and we took a look at it and could not see the repair at all. He colour matched it perfectly and now our cracked sink is repaired. Thanks a lot.

Bath re surfacing and Bath repair Dover – Repair Shower Tray  Dover

We got a call from a local Dover plumbing technician suggesting he had dropped one of his tools in the shower tray and cracked it. So we sent Dan out to sort it out. Here is what this person had to say following. “Many thanks Dan for coming to repair the damaged shower tray, you really saved my bacon and I will recommend you to every person in Dover.

Shower Re Enamelling Dover – Bath Enamelling Dover

Superior Bath Repair Dover Re-Enamelled the bath and was very expert in their work. The result is excellent. It is gorgeous. This Person took the care and enough time that was necessary to get a excellent result.

Shower Re Enamelling Dover – Bath Enamelling Dover

I would like to say many thanks for re enameling my bath. I called Superior Bath repair after a buddy had recommended them. The man on the phone was very polite and he answered all my questions and concerns. Following the specialist came out and re enameled our bath it looked brand-new! My cousin has just booked their bath tub in as well immediately after seeing mine.

Shower Re Enamelling Dover – Bath Enamelling Dover