Bath Repair Kits

Bath Repair Kit

There are many bath repair kits on the market, ranging from £14 – £40. Some of them are better than others but none of them will compare to a professional coming round your house and doing a bath repair for you, which is colour matched by eye.  

The issue with the bath repair kits is that they all give you a standard white for your bath, Now i can tell you from experience that all baths are different colors of white, so to be given a white and expect it to match your bath is not going to work. 

Take this repair for example

Sink Repair Dartford   Sink Repair Dartford

This sink is not brilliant white like the colour you get given in the kits. So we had to start off white and bring the colour down to the correct white in order for the repair to be invisible. Now if we used a repair kit we might be able to get the repair ok and filled in but without the know-how and other colours used to match the off-white you will never be able to have an invisible repair from a kit.